Farai Harreld

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Farai Harreld is a writer, herbalist, mother, and birth worker living and loving on Kaw and Osage unceded land in Kansas where she has studied herbal medicine for several years and has taught for the past three. Farai enjoys most the folklore surrounding plants and the ways in which human beings have woven herbal medicine into their lives.

Farai is a contributor to Mother Earth News Fair Online.


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The Art of the Herbal Steam

In this workshop we will learn about the simplicity and effectiveness of the herbal facial steam. Used around the world, this method is a great tool to have during cold and flu season. Herbal steams aid in clearing sinus and lung congestion by way of the nasal passageways. Great for a stuffy nose as well as unclogging the pores and gently revitalizing the skin.
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