Eric Person

Kansas City Aquaponics

Eric Person has been an agrarian steward for 30 years and has a background in renewable energy and green building. He runs Kansas City Aquaponics and teaches people how to set up aquaponics systems with a low or minimal budget.

Eric is a contributor to Mother Earth News Fair Online.


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Aquaponics 101

From an Afro agrarian perspective, Eric Person covers the basic biology of how to start an aquaponics system. Learn what parts are needed, where to source inexpensive materials, what kinds of aqua culture to use, and ways to start a system using compost tea. Approach sustainable hydro growing systems, with or without the use of animals. Get started with a small system that you can add to. Aquaponics provides a way to grow fish and vegetables at the same time, year-round, with the proper setup and care.
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