Eric Avery

Independent cultural organizer, consultant, creative

Originally from Topeka, Kansas, Eric Avery is a cultural organizer (farmer/artist/chef/healer/activist/scientist/scholar/strategist) based in Minneapolis. He’s involved in work across the Midwest that aims to connect marginalized communities to land, food, creativity, and culture in an effort to heal from past hurts and co-create a shared future. Avery’s practice aims to reshape neighborhoods, homes, and lives through community-based development, cooperative economics, and culturally rooted creative activities, and he raises critical consciousness through liberatory learning.

Eric will be speaking at the Kansas Fairs


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Organizing 2019 Self + community

In this dynamic and interactive talk, Eric Avery takes the audience on a journey through time, space, history, and self. Use lessons learned from Soul Fire Farm, healing justice, and current organizing efforts in Minneapolis to share accessible contemporary concepts in change-making.
Nature and Community

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Kansas, Workshop time to be determined