David Barrow

Storehouse Market & Eatery and Eden East Farm

Hillside Farmacy, Eden West Food Truck


David Barrow, along with his wife Sonya Cote, owns a five-acre farm in Bastrop, Texas,—one mile north of Cote’s newest restaurant Store House Market & Eatery—which supplies the restaurant, as well as her other venture, Eden West Food Truck in Driftwood and Hillside Farmacy, with its seasonal harvest.

David is speaking in Texas.


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The Farmer and the Chef

Chef Sonya Cote and his partner, farmer David Barrow, discuss the process of building a farm from the ground up and sourcing its harvest for not only Sonya's restaurants, but also other local restaurants and the community.
Nature and Community

Speaking At:

Texas, Sunday 2:00-3:00 p.m., Real Food Stage