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Darrell Frey has been a permaculture consultant and teacher since 1988. He is the author of Bioshelter Market Garden: A Permaculture Farm, and co-author of The Food Forest Handbook. Darrell is principle of Three Sisters Permaculture, which offers a wide range of design-build services and education programs.

Darrell is speaking in Pennsylvania.


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Building a Permaculture Food Forest

Join Darrell Frey next to Helen's Restaurant as he leads this in-depth study of food forest design and management. Beginning with a presentation about relevant permaculture design principles, Frey teaches participants the many details of food forest design and planning. Next, the workshop includes a planting session of a perennial polyculture guild of fruits, roots, and other useful plants on the grounds of Seven Springs Resort. Frey then continues with a review of plant selection and care. The workshop includes plenty of time for attendees to ask questions about their own landscapes.
Organic Gardening

Speaking At:

Pennsylvania, Saturday 1:30-4:00 p.m., Hillside, near Helen’s Restaurant

Bioshelters: Ecological greenhouse design and management

This presentation presents a detailed study of several bioshelters, or ecologically managed solar greenhouses. These include the original bioshelter, the New Alchemy Ark, and the bioshelter at Three Sisters Farm, as well as the smaller-scale bioshelter at Garfield Community Farm. Expect to hear discussions of both design and management for year-round crop production and eggs.
Organic Gardening

Speaking At:

Pennsylvania, Sunday 2:00-3:00 p.m., Building and Energy Stage