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National Ladies Homestead Gathering

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Cyndi Ball has been homesteading for more than 20 years and owns the educational homestead Lazy B Farm. She is the proud mother of six home-schooled children and the wife of 30 years to her husband, Dave. She is an avid educator. Her greatest passion, outside of the home, is women in agriculture. She is the founder and president of the National Ladies Homestead Gathering, an organization that provides local community for women interested in homesteading and sustainability.

Cyndi is speaking in Texas and Pennsylvania.


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Women Building Agribusinesses

Ever dream of sitting with a group of women who understand what it's like to be an aspiring business owner on the homestead or in an agribusiness? Cyndi Ball, founder of The National Ladies Homestead Gathering, definitely gets you, and she would love to share mealtime with you during the lunch break. Sit together, toss around ideas, brainstorm, and help figure out where you can go from here! Take 30 minutes to relish being part of a community!

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Simplify Your Homestead Plan

Are you overwhelmed by the myriad of choices in homesteading? Not sure where or how to get started? Or is the homesteading lifestyle taking more from your pocketbook than it's providing for your pantry? This workshop provides a simple planning tool to help make your homesteading dreams a practical reality.
Modern Homesteading

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