Cat Taylor

Cob Hill Natural Building School


Cat Taylor raised two kids as a single mom, and she now has eight grandchildren. While raising her kids, she worked several jobs at a time to make ends meet. Her true love and talent has always been painting and sculpting. After surviving a two-year cancer battle, she discovered natural building and was hooked. Now, at 57, she has almost completed her own cob home, and her building adventure was filmed for the Discovery Channel show “Building Off the Grid.” She founded Cob Hill Natural Building School in 2018 to help share empowerment and knowledge with others. She is the director/president of NaturalBuildingOrg, an affiliate of Cob Hill Natural Building School. Taylor believes there’s no better place to live than in your own work of art!

Cat is speaking in Texas.


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I Built My Cob House and So Can You!

Hear how Cat Taylor, the founder of NaturalBuilding.org, built her 2,200-square-foot, two-story house in northeast Texas. She teaches the steps you can take to have a mortgage-free home of your own! Learn how her disabled veteran husband inspired her to not only teach the general public natural building skills, but also to create a nonprofit to give disabled veterans the knowledge and support needed to have a mortgage-free home of their own!
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Texas, Saturday 2:00-3:00 p.m., Building and Energy Stage