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Brad James, CEO of Beepods, is a rebel with a cause: He shakes up beekeeping norms by focusing on science and data to maintain bee colony health. James and his team create and provide hardware, training, outreach, and data tools to a diverse audience, from schools and nonprofits to businesses and backyard beekeepers. Beepods’ goal is to see pollinators prosper by teaching and practicing a reflection-based, sustainable philosophy. They believe that their bold innovation and intelligent observation will allow them to make their vision of a world where both pollinators and humans thrive a reality.

Brad will be speaking at the North Carolina Fairs


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Strength in Numbers How to use real world colony data to achieve beekeeping success

Beekeepers face big challenges. With constant changes in environment and to a colony’s surroundings, plus continuous threats to that colony's health, a beekeeper must filter and analyze information from all over. But most folks aren’t sure what to do with that information or how to apply it. Why not be a master of your own beekeeping data? Stop using incomplete info. Apply knowledge to data you build from observing your own colony. Beepods' Brad James walks you through how his team designed their data-collection efforts and how it has substantially improved their care of bees (especially in Wisconsin, where weather swings are normal). Leave with a better understanding of the types of information and data you should be collecting and how to use it. This includes instructions for how to build your data collection system to suit your own equipment, beekeeping philosophy, and lifestyle.
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North Carolina, Sunday 10:00-11:00 a.m., Homestead Hustle Stage