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Bill Whipple began his agricultural career at the age of 18, picking apples in Washington state. (He would later pick during five subsequent seasons.) In 1983, he earned a one-year degree in agriculture from Sterling College and homesteaded in West Virginia, where he has been commercially growing chemical-free pears for 28 years. He’s hatching a plan to feed the world with perennial native nut and fruit trees. He has also implemented two edible parks: one at West Asheville Park and the other in North Asheville at the “Flint/Magnolia park.” He has helped maintain all the Edible Parks in Asheville for the last 12 years. After attending a Northern Nut Grower’s association national meeting, he became a nut passionado and from all these confluences, the Nutty Buddy Collective has formed.

Bill will be speaking at the North Carolina Fairs


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Black Walnut The new “peanut”

Black walnuts are one of our most underestimated native food sources. Developing added value to native nuts such as the black walnut is imperative, in order to incentivize farmers to transition their pastures and croplands into a multitiered, income-generating agriculture. Just as 100 years ago George Washington Carver brought the peanut out of obscurity, today the Acornucopia Project is developing processes and products to increase the demand for high-value tree-based foods. After this workshop, you'll never look at a black walnut the same way again!
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North Carolina, Sunday 1:00-1:30 p.m., Sustainability Stage presented by Prestige Subaru