Amber Lehrman

Kansas Permaculture Institute


Amber Lehrman is a certified permaculturist and educator who lives near Lawrence, Kansas. She and her family run Windstone Farm, a beginning permaculture venture on their 40-acre, off-grid homestead. Lehrman has been teaching sustainable living for more than 10 years and currently teaches through the Kansas Permaculture Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting permaculture solutions to the many crises of our time.

Amber will be speaking at the Kansas Fairs


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Permaculture Is NOT Organic Gardening

Many people believe that permaculture is just a fancy name for an organic vegetable garden with fruit trees. In reality, permaculture is a holistic approach to genuinely sustainable living that goes far beyond just how we grow food. This talk explores the philosophy of permaculture and how it differs from organic gardening.
Modern Homesteading Organic Gardening

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