Almeta Tulloss

The Georgia Vinegar Company DBA Cherokee Moon Mixology

Almeta is an Afro-Indigenous herbalist, self-taught brewer, and wild garden farmer-forager living in the Appalachian piedmont. She is also the head brewer at Cherokee Moon Mixology, a vinegar microbrewery and cocktail brand. The women who founded and run the company create artisan, apothecary-style cider and wine vinegars, tonics, bitters, and shrubs using organic, locally-grown fruit, herbs, and spices.

Almeta is speaking in North Carolina.


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Herbal Alchemy: Brewing spring tonics, teas, and meads

Take a trip through your senses while exploring the flavors, medicinal potential, and microbiomes of plants. Experience an Afro-Indigenous herbalist's perspective on brewing wild and cultivated herbs from Southern Appalachia. Learn to ferment and extract native plants and carminative spices in an experiment that you can take home with you!

Speaking At:

North Carolina, Saturday 9:00-12:30 p.m., Half-Day Workshops