Aliyah Bonnette



Aliyah Bonnette is a mixed media artist based in North Carolina. Quilting has become an important part of her process and she uses it to create pieces of work that include painting.

Aliyah will be speaking at the Mother Earth News Fair Online.


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Improv Quilting for Beginners Part Two: Basting, sewing quilts, and binding

In this second half of the improv quilting workshop, start from having a sewn quilt top to a finished quilt. Throw out the stressful patterns that require exact measurements and enjoy the process of playing with materials already in your grasp to create a beautiful quilt of any size! Aliyah Bonnette takes you through a detailed step-by-step process that is easy for beginners to follow while still having fun. Learn to use old clothes, bedsheets, curtains, and more to create a beautiful quilt that you can have for years to come.
Winter Warmth

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Improv Quilting for Beginners Part One: Materials and quilt tops

Whether you are new to quilting or advanced, this workshop provides amazing way to stay occupied at home this winter while learning something new. Taught by improv quilter Aliyah Bonnette, you will learn a way of quilting that will allow you to access your creativity in a way that unlocks your intuition and playfulness. During this first of two workshops, learn about which materials to use and how to piece together and sew your quilt top.
Winter Warmth

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