Akiva Silver

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Twisted Tree Farm


Akiva Silver owns and operates Twisted Tree Farm, a homestead, nut orchard, and nursery located in Spencer, New York. He grows about 20,000 trees a year, using practices that go beyond organic. Silver wrote Trees of Power. His background is in foraging, wilderness survival, and primitive skills.

Akiva will be speaking at the Pennsylvania Fairs


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Growing Chestnuts in the Northeast

Chestnuts are long-lived trees closely related to oaks and beeches. They offer not only valuable products, but also solutions to our rapidly changing world. With the right varieties, they are well-adapted to our climate. The time for chestnuts to return to the Northeast is here. This program covers a variety of information about the trees: their history, species around the world, cultivation, pests, propagation, storage, their multiple uses, and how they are marketed.
Modern Homesteading

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Pennsylvania, Saturday 3:30-4:30 p.m., Grit Stage