Afrovivalist is a African-American woman who has been preparing for a catastrophic disaster and practice wilderness survival skills. She is also preparing to live an off-grid, self-reliant lifestyle. Afrovivalist wears many hats. She is a member of the state of Oregon Radiological Emergency Response Team, Emergency Preparedness & Response Instructor at Saturday Academy, a Preparedness Consultant and Founder of deCamp Outdoors, a Preparedness Camp for City Folks.

Afrovivalist is a contributor to Mother Earth News Fair Online.


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Water Catchment and Storage

Follow along as the Afrovivalist visits Green Concept Containers to source vessels for storing water and explores the different options for different needs. Then watch as she walks you through a basic home set-up for collecting your own rainwater.
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Stocking Your Bug Out Vehicle

Learn how to have a vehicle that will ensure you're ready in case of an emergency or if you need to evacuate. Follow along with the Afrovivalist as she walks you through her "bug out" vehicle and what to stock to be prepared to leave in a hurry.
Modern Homesteading Hands On

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