The Art and Mastery of Meal Planning and Prep

When Leah learned that her son had severe food allergies and that her daughter had cystic fibrosis, she knew a healthy diet would play an integral part of her children’s care. But learning to get organized in the kitchen while still having time for other activities felt like an impossible task. Over the course of three years, Leah learned to master the art of meal planning and prep through the use of bulk shopping, freezing foods, planning ahead, and getting organized. Her techniques are effective enough for those needing to follow the strictest of diets, but easy enough for those who don’t necessarily love to cook or plan ahead, but also understand the necessity for home-cooked meals. Leah provides participants with an overview of the techniques that have enabled her to spend a minimal amount of time in the kitchen while serving her family a nearly 100 percent made-from-scratch diet. Home-cooked breakfasts, snacks, lunches, and dinners are possible because of these techniques. She shows you how to get organized, get cooking, and stay sane!

Real Food