Mindful Meat Eating for the Modern Omnivore

What does it mean to be a conscientious eater in today’s world? Between trade wars, climate change, label claims, local food, nutrition trends, and environmental justice issues, eaters are constantly bombarded with opinions and news surrounding personal food choices. For those who identify as omnivores, the global food debate is particularly chaotic. In this session, author and farmer Meredith Leigh shares expertise from her 17 years of deep study into the systems by which food and farming are made possible. Explore a firmer footing in your food choices and your food activism. From a holistic, climate-smart, and community-centered framework, this workshop provides a jumping-off point for eaters unsure of the best way to check in to mindful eating, and it also provides insight into the most up-to-date information for the well-informed food activist.

Food Independence