Making Herbal Mead (Metheglin) Like a Viking

Learn to make herbal mead, aka “metheglin,” using simple processes and ingredients from your garden or farmers market. Mead is a simple fermented honey alcoholic beverage. Adding herbs and spices for flavoring and medicinal qualities makes your mead a metheglin (or metheglyn), from the Welsh meddyglyn (“healing drink”). We’ll be making a refreshing, invigorating lemon balm and pineapple mint metheglin. In this video, you’ll learn:
• How to procure and properly use ingredients for mead-making.
• How to gather and use basic equipment for mead-making.
• Tips for using different types of yeast to ferment your mead.
• The basic process for starting your first batch of mead.
• How to store, age, bottle, and drink your meadly creation.

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