Make Your Own Fire Cider: A spicy, sweet, and sour first-aid remedy

Learn all about a traditional herbal remedy that has gained a lot of notoriety in the past few years. Fire cider is a spicy, sweet, vinegar-based preparation often used to help relieve symptoms from colds and flu, especially respiratory congestion. The best part is that most of the ingredients can be found in the produce aisle or the garden! See how to make it, get your questions answered, and get tips and tricks for making it more unique. You’ll need: a 16-ounce mason jar with a lid, a small onion, two heads of garlic, a 4-inch piece of horseradish, a hand of ginger, several chile peppers, some apple cider vinegar, and honey. Optional ingredients include: lemon, orange, rosemary, thyme, or other herbs.

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