Self-sufficiency Saturdays Every Second Sturday from August through December, Lawrence Kansas, Get Hands-On Learning That Can Save You Money & Lessen Your Reliance on the Supply Chain
Self-sufficiency Saturdays
Lawrence, Kansas 2023 Mother Earth News Fair
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Self-Sufficiency Saturdays

If you’re interested in attending workshops at the Douglas County Fairgrounds in Lawrence in late summer and fall of 2022, see options below!

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Saturday, September 10, 2022
Saturday, October 8, 2022
Saturday, November 12, 2022
Saturday, December 10, 2022

  Mother Earth News Presents:

Self sufficiency saturdays
in Lawrence, Kansas

Discover the rewarding journey of self sufficiency from MOTHER EARTH NEWS in Lawrence, Kansas, starting August 13, 2022, through December 10, 2022! Learn not just the what but the how, why, where, and when in this hands-on experience.

Whether you are taking your first steps in your self sufficiency  journey or refining the skills you already have, get connected to the food that nourishes you and your community with the guidance of experts. Learn how to be self sufficient while following sustainable and regenerative practices.

Our Self Sufficiency Saturday workshops will include Preserving Your Harvest, Charcuterie, Winter Gardening, Composting and Soil, and Garden Planning and Seed Starting to help you learn how to grow, process, and harvest your own food from start to finish!

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Here’s What This Event Entails:

Hands-On Workshops

Roll up your sleeves and interact with local experts on Preserving Your Harvest, Chicken Keeping, Winter Gardening, Composting and Soil, and Garden Planning and Seed Starting! Take a deep dive and come away with more than just knowledge—you also get to take home anything you make during the workshops! Space is limited, see registration options below.

Resource Center

Browse handy resources specially selected for your workshop to get you going on your real food journey. 

Garden Tour

The Douglas County Extension Office will host a fun and beautiful garden tour during the selected weekend, weather permitting. They will share the types of garden spaces and their purpose. 

Social Hour

This time will be hosted to have refreshments and get to know one another! 

Registration Options for Hands-On Workshops

Choose from an all-day workshop with or without lunch included for these indivdual Saturdays:

Hands-On Workshops with the Experts

Kuku Keeping (Swahili for ‘Chicken’) 101

From Rose Galloway, learn the basics of getting started with chicken keeping, from egg selection (egg inspection, candling), to preparing for baby chicks (heat, bedding, water), to keeping adult laying hens, to putting meat on the table. This hands-on workshop will  provide the information needed to start a successful flock. You’ll walk away knowing all the basics: what to feed, types of water and how to water, housing, and basic health.

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How to Raise Heritage Pig Breeds

Join Pork Rhyne, the “Pork Evangelist,” as he shares the nuances of raising heritage pigs. Learn about the value of heritage breeds, which were carefully selected and bred over time. Get to know the traits they developed to make them well-adapted to their local environment and thrive under different farming practices and cultural conditions. Rhyne covers the factors of how to go about selecting your breed. You’ll walk away with an understanding of body, structure, how they differ from commonly raised hogs, and how you should feed and care for unique breeds. Come ready to see Pork Rhyne interact with the Meishan breed thanks to Odd Bird Farm!

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Reach new customers interested in a sustainable lifestyle — apply to exhibit.

Explore Ways to save money and live efficiently

Mother Earth News has been helping folks live simpler, more meaningful lives since the magazine was launched – nearly 50 years ago. No matter your personal interests you know you can count on Mother’s quality workshops for field-tested, country-honed guidance that will set you free – and put money in your pocket!


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Our hands-on and extended workshops are one of our most popular attractions! For an additional fee, you can register to take part in these limited engagements aimed at fostering practical, money-saving skillsets. The best way to learn is by doing, and our nationally renowned experts will show you how. Topics run the gamut. Create your own sourdough starter, learn expert hand-spinning techniques, explore DIY fermentation with miso, and more!

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