Fermented Beverages Course


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Fermented foods are jam-packed with probiotic bacteria! When you consume them, they introduce beneficial bacteria and enzymes to your digestive system, boosting immunity and promoting overall gut health. Plus we think they are tasty, too! Our NEW Fermented Drinks Course features workshop videos from some of the nation’s leading fermentation experts on winemaking, fermented sodas, ales, kombucha, hard cider, bochet, mead, and more!

Workshop videos and supporting PDFs included with this course:

  • How to Brew Kombucha with Hannah Crum
  • Simple Beer Brewing with Jereme Zimmerman
  • Making Herbal Mead (Metheglin) Like a Viking with Jereme Zimmerman
  • Fruit Juice: From sugar to alcohol with Kirsten and Christopher Shockey
  • DIY Medieval Bochet, or Burnt Honey Mead with Susan Verberg
  • Learn to Make Natural Wine at Home with Tonii Turner
  • Milk Kefir: How to make, use, and love with Gianaclis Caldewell
  • Naturally Fermented Honey Sodas with Dawn Combs
  • Making Hard Seltzers at Home with Chris Colby

Since 2010, our team has been producing the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR at a variety of locations across the country. Toward the end of 2019, we began laying the groundwork for a virtual version of the FAIR where folks could participate, learn, and be inspired no matter where they live or when they can attend. We planned to launch this online-exclusive event later in 2020, after we wrapped up the year with our physical FAIRS. Then, well, you know what happened next.

We pivoted, launched our first “Mini-Course” in April as a test, and were thrilled when more than 6,000 joined. Now, we are excited to take this one-of-a-kind event to a new level with the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR ONLINE!


For this program, we’re using the Teachable platform. Here, we offer “courses,” and each course features pre-recorded video workshops hosted by the esteemed experts that make up the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR family, along with supporting materials and handouts. Each workshop video is 20 to 30 minutes long. We have also included all of our live webinar recordings on this platform.

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