Herbal Living Series Webinars:
In Partnership With Mountain Rose Herbs


This special series of webinars were produced in partnership with Mountain Rose Herbs. They were recorded live on Oct. 28, Nov. 4, & Nov. 28.

Natural Beauty with Janice Cox

Author and natural beauty expert Janice Cox has been concocting her own skin and hair care products for more than 30 years. In this webinar you will learn DIY beauty basics and create products that are easy to do, cost effective, and good for you. Learn how to make your own creams, facial masks, lip balm, and shampoos. Also, spa-style self-care products such as bath soaks, fizzing herbal bath bombs, and soothing skin scrubs. All recipes and ideas come from Cox’s best selling books Natural Beauty from the Garden and Natural Beauty for All Seasons and her popular MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR workshops. Approx. 1 h. 26 m.

Herbal Meads and Beers with Jereme Zimmerman

Learn to make herbal meads and beers using simple processes and ingredients easily obtained from your garden or farmers market, or through Mountain Rose Herbs. Mead is a simple fermented honey alcoholic beverage, and simple beers can be brewed in your kitchen using sugar from the baking aisle, or malted grain extract obtained from homebrewing stores. Adding herbs and spices is an ancient technique for imparting flavoring, preservation, and healing qualities to fermented drinks.

In this video, you’ll learn:

• How to procure and properly utilize ingredients for herbal mead making and beer brewing.

• How to gather and use basic brewing equipment.

• Tips for using different types of yeast to ferment your herbal concoctions.

• The basic processes for brewing, fermenting, bottling and storing your creations.

Simple Ways to Green Clean Your Home with Christine Rice

Simple and cost-effective, green cleaning is easier than might you think. Christine Rice from Mountain Rose Herbs explores basic cleaning ingredients and preparations that can be used throughout your home. She covers easy bathroom blends, simple laundry soaps, and other recipes that you can use for your daily cleaning needs.

(Note: video quality is not perfect because this was a live streaming event.)

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