Cheese and Yogurt Anyone Can Make…Anytime! A webinar sponsored by Roots & Harvest – May 20


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Hosted by Gianaclis Caldwell

Wednesday, May 20, 3:00 p.m. CDT

Sponsored by:
Roots & Harvest

Follow along at home as we make these two ingredient recipes for paneer cheese and yogurt. You will see how easy it is to make these simple, delicious, and nutritious dairy products anytime. Paneer, a fresh cheese that will not melt when cooked, and is great fried, baked, or mixed into stews and soups. Yogurt, whether drained in the Greek style or whole, is chock-full of probiotics and lower in lactose than milk and most fresh cheeses, making it easy to digest and great for gut and immune health.


This 90-minute webinar is an opportunity to interact with one of the country’s leading authorities on small dairies and cheesemaking. It is FREE but limited to 500 participants. Cooking alongside the host is certainly optional but encouraged. A list of the items and ingredients you will need is below. On the morning of May 20, you will receive an email invitation with instructions on how to join the webinar, which is being hosted through Zoom. Please note: An internet connection is required along with the Zoom app. Participants will not have their cameras enabled but you will be able to view the host and participate in the Q & A. More information on Zoom webinars can be found by clicking the link at the bottom of this description. If you have never participated in a Zoom meeting or webinar, we strongly recommend that you read over the tutorial before this event.


About the host: Gianaclis Caldwell is the author of six books on cheesemaking and small dairying, including the award-winning Mastering Artisan Cheesemaking and her latest Homemade Yogurt & Kifir. Along with her husband, she milks goats and makes cheese at Pholia Farm Creamery in the south of Oregon.



  • 2 gallons whole milk (Pasteurized and homogenized is fine. Ultra-pasteurized will even work. Gianaclis will show participants how to use fresh goat’s milk, as well.)
  • 1 cup of lemon juice OR vinegar (any kind)
  • 1 small carton of plain yogurt with live active cultures



  • Access to a range or cooktop burner
  • Stainless steel pot, 6-quart or larger
  • Thermometer (Optional. Gianaclis will show you how to do it with or without one.)
  • Spatula
  • 2 1-quart canning jars (or 1 half-gallon jar)
  • Colander (plastic or stainless steel)
  • 1 flour sack cloth OR an old pillow case cut into a 12”x12” or larger square OR a cheesecloth.

About Roots & Harvest:
Roots & Harvest brings clever tools and know-how to enable your homemade life. The brand committed to carefully crafted and selected products, as well as helpful advice and expert customer service. With their help, you can take pride in making things your way. Whether you are fermenting cabbage, churning butter, or crafting artisan cheese, Roots & Harvest offers the tools and tips that allow you to spend more time enjoying what you love doing.


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