Cheese and Yogurt Anyone Can Make…Anytime Webinar with Gianaclis Caldwell


This webinar was recorded live on Wednesday, May 20. Approx. 1 h 41 m.

Sponsored by:
Roots & Harvest

Follow along at home as we make these two ingredient recipes for paneer cheese and yogurt. You will see how easy it is to make these simple, delicious, and nutritious dairy products anytime. Paneer, a fresh cheese that will not melt when cooked, and is great fried, baked, or mixed into stews and soups. Yogurt, whether drained in the Greek style or whole, is chock-full of probiotics and lower in lactose than milk and most fresh cheeses, making it easy to digest and great for gut and immune health.

(Note: video quality is not perfect because this was a live streaming event.)

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