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MOTHER EARTH NEWS does not endorse, approve or recommend the products and services offered by companies exhibiting or sponsoring at the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR.

Air Head Composting Toliet

The Air Head composting toilet is one of the most compact composting toilets in the world. It's the original mobile diversion system, since 2001: simple, odorless, better!


Alimtox brings to market high-quality products for optimum health, and the company also provides top-notch entertainment and education

Alpaca Spring Valley

Alpaca Spring Valley Farm offers alpaca sweaters, sock, throws, hats, gloves, scarves, insoles, dryer balls, stuffed alpaca toys and one of a kind alpaca items.

Alpine Heritage Creamery

Alpine Heritage Creamery is a true source of farmstead cheese. They produce organic raw milk cheese, all from one farm in Lancaster County. And there are many delicious varieties to choose from!

Amare, the Mental Wellness Company

At Amare Global, their mission is to create a natural mental wellness products for a community of passionate people who desire an extraordinary life.

Applied Inspirations LLC

It’s easier to repair or repurpose things when you understand the basics of how they work. We have hands-on curriculum/kits that teach applied electronics.

Bad Dog Tools

Bad Dog Specialty & Multi purpose tools

Baer Brothers Maple

Maple syrup, maple cotton candy, maple kettle corn, cream, sugar. Also equipment for making maple syrup


Bailey's offers high quality machinery, tools and work clothing for Tree Care and Forestry Professionals. Exclusive U.S. importer for Lucas Mill Portable Saw Mills.

Baystate Organic Certifiers

USDA Accredited Organic Agency- providing organic certification services to farms, processors, and handlers through-out the United States

BCS America

BCS offers all-gear-driven, rear-tine tillers that provide professional results, one of the industry's best warranties, and that power other seasonal attachments (including brush mowers, shredder/chippers and snow throwers).

Better Garden Tools

Better Garden Tools' inventory of products includes ratchet pruners, ratchet loppers, pole pruners and folding root saws.

Book Publishing Company

Book Publishing Company features books on alternative health, cooking, alternative energy and land management. Look for their great discounts.

Canns-Bilco Distributors

Canns-Bilco Distributors offers outdoor power equipment by MacKissic, such as Mighty Mac shredder/chippers, sprayers, Merry Tiller mid-tine tillers, Easy Augers and more.

CARE Commities Alliance for Responsible Eco-farming

The Community Alliance for Responsible Eco-Farming (CARE) is a private organization of farmers and consumer members with a mission to provide healthy, nutritious food that their members want in a safe and environmentally responsible way.

Carol Ann Rak Designs

Carol Ann Rak Designs offers hand-spun, hand-dyed, handwoven, hand-knit natural fiber crafts, and they also give spinning lessons.

CBD Natures RX

This exhibitor's Hemp Oil is among the highest-quality available. It's 100% organic and legal and available in all 50 states without a prescription or permit.

CBD Natures RX

This exhibitor's Hemp Oil is among the highest-quality available. It's 100% organic and legal and available in all 50 states without a prescription or permit.

Chatham University Falk School of Sustainability

Chatham University’s graduate programs in Sustainability and Food Studies prepare students to be the agents of change needed to solve complex, real-world sustainability challenges.


The Frey family from Connecticut introduces their modern classic: an award-winning mechanical butter churn! Engineered from the inside out, it balances quality, beauty & functionality.

Companion Plants

Companion plants offers 600 varieties of common and exotic herb plants and seeds, including culinary, medicinal, dye and native plants. They have been in business since 1982.

Conover Organic Farm

A family-run organic farm that grows vegetables and berries and is also home to bees, Conover Organic Farm makes jams, hot sauce, pickles, and salsa.

DCNR Department of Conservation & Natural Resources

Information & materials related to DCNR's programs available to landowners (agriculture & woodlot owners) including funding opportunities professional support and best practices.

Digital Wood Carver

Digital Wood Carver is an affordable CNC wood router. Perfect for the hobbyist or small businesses owner to create unique products.

Dyna Products

Dyna Products brings to market firewood processors and firewood bundlers.

DZT Vibe Spa

Using Whole Body Vibration will effectively help you build muscle mass, tone and tighten your body, improve mood, energy and much more.

Earth & Turf Products Inc

Earth & Turf has been providing the industry with compost topdressing equipment and compact tractor attachments since 1997. Their motto is Simple, Well-Built Products.

Earth Creations

Earth Creations specializes in Southern Made Sustainable clothing. They use organic cotton and hemp to make clothing & T-Shirts. The garments are dyed with clay.

EcoJarz Inc

EcoJarz sells mason jar accessories, stainless steel and silicone drink tops, fermenter lids, soap dispensers, cheese graters, spice shakers, storage lids, and stainless steel straws.

Enon Valley Garlic

Garlic for gardeners and chefs. Enon Valley Garlic offers 50 garlic varieties plus vinegars, hummus, pestos, tapenade, grinders, cheese, pickled garlics and even ice cream.

EZ Kut Products

Outdoor Garden Tools

Fab Ferments

Established in 2008, Fab Ferments specializes in handcrafted, raw cultured foods using the highest quality ingredients and ancient preservation techniques. They offer krauts, kimchi, beet kvass, and more!

Farm Fromage

Farm Fromage works with Pennsylvania dairies and artisan cheesemakers to help them get added value for their hard work. They sell amazing cheeses!

Farm to Table Western Pa

This exhibitor aims to break down the barriers of regional food access with educational programs and events for consumers, schools, employers, and affordable housing developments.

Fermentation Creation

Fermentation Creation offers food fermentation kits that demystify the fermentation process and break it down into 3 easy steps: Chop+ Salt+Brine. They also offer hands-on demonstrations.

First Energy Home Audit Program

Residential in-home comprehensive energy audits

First Energy's Pennsylvania Utilities

First Energy Rebate Programs include lighting, appliances, and water heating.

Fitzgeralds Family Farm LLC

Maple Syrup, Honey, Bourbon Maple. honey sticks

Fix My Aching back

Tru-Align Body System is a holistic, self-care treatment system. Alleviate pain and stiffness of the groin; sacroiliac; neck; shoulder; TMJ; and upper, mid, and lower back.

Fruition Seeds

Fruition Seeds' certified organic seeds are regionally adapted to thrive in the short seasons of the Northeast. Find 300+ vegetable, flower, herb & native varieties at

Funky Fresh Family Farm

Everything from Funky Fresh Family Farms is handcrafted in Michigan. They offer natural soaps and body products, tie-dyed clothing, toys, and more!

Go Sun Inc

A light, fast, easy-to-use and efficient solar cooker, the GoSun Stove is portable and practical. It's part of the worldwide effort to reduce dirty fuels for cooking (such as wood and charcoal).

Gold Star Honeybees — Contributing Sponsor

Green Heron Apiary

Green Heron Apiary has raw honey and beeswax products. They are Certified Naturally Grown. Stop by for some honey and to ask about their queens!

Halo Dips

Halo Dip mixes are all-natural herbs and spices with no salt, sugar or MSG. They make dips, salad dressings, meat rubs and season soups, vegetables and cheeses.

Hand & Paw Studio

Hand and Paw Studio brings to market natural and eco-friendly products handcrafted : leashes, collars, toys, and more, for a health and eco-freindly pet.

Happy Leaf LED

Indoor Gardening is Super Simple! Happy Leaf LED grow lights are pro-grade, easy to use, versatile, lightweight, and Made in the USA.

HB Hive Company

HB Hive provides unique beehives and innovative beehive feeders. Feeders allow beekeepers to feed bees without opening the hive! Hives include windows, ventilation and IPM.

Healthmate Forever

Healthmate International sells pain relief massagers, intended to help people with their tiredness and muscle injury through pulse stimulation.

High Mowing Organic Seeds

High Mowing Organic Seeds is an independent, farm-based seed company dedicated to sustainable agriculture and providing farmers and gardeners with 100 percent certified organic, Non-GMO Project-verified seeds.

Hillside Orchard LLC

Micro greens, seeds, produce, & fruit growing

Honey Dew Naturals

Honey Dew Naturals provides personal care products handmade with food-grade, organic ingredients (including everything from deodorant and toothpaste to beeswax candles and more). They are effective and 100 percent healthy.

Honey Sweetie Acres

Artisan goat milk soap and holistic essential oil skin-care products await you at Honey Sweetie Acres' booth, where you can also attend a demo (and pet their baby goats!).

Hud-Son Forest Equipment

Hud-Son Forest Equipment sells portable sawmills, firewood processors, and Uniforest skidding winches.

Inner traditions / Bear & Co

This exhibitor publishes books for mind, body and spirit, including holistic health, self-transformation, traditional wisdom and the spiritual foundations of sustainable living.

Integrative Health & Wellness Center

Integrative Health & Wellness Center offers fully customized, completely natural Designed Clinical Nutrition programs, functional neurology, and chiropractic care, providing folks with unparalleled holistic health care.


KingView Mead creates internationally acclaimed meads, wine, and cider with the cause of providing education and assistance to apiaries and beekeepers.

Kitchen Craft Cookware

Kitchen Craft cookware provides a healthy and energy-efficient way to prepare nutritious meals that retain the greatest possible amount of vitamins and minerals.

Laurel's Leather Crafting

Hand sewn deer and elk skin purses of many sizes; geodes sun catchers and wind chimes on Deer Antler and driftwood.

Leaffilter North of Pennsylvania LLC

LeafFilter Gutter Protection is guaranteed to keep your gutters clog free. Call 1-800-290-6106 for a free estimate, and learn why LeafFilter is Gutter Protection Perfection!

Leicester Longwool Sheep & Angora Goats

LeValley Outdoors LLC

LeValley Outdoors LLC offers an assortment of outdoor equipment, tools, and axes.

Lilla Rose By Rena Champion I.S.

Lilla Rose offers hair accessories for all hair types from baby fine to long and thick: Flexi Clips, U-pins, Bobbies, and more.

Live the Life you Love Clothing

Live the Life you Love Clothing features inspired apparel for passionate living. They offer men and women's organic cotton and bamboo fashion, made responsibly in the United States.

Loaded Goat Homestead

Specializes in artisan beer and goat milk soaps, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, beard oil, and deodorants using only ethically sourced, organic ingredients.


Family-owned, born in VT, made in the USA! Log Hauler, cant hook and timberjack, in one compact MultiTool. Saves your back and knees!

Love at First Sit

Love at First Sit provides portable ergonomic back support systems that are fair trade made and are available in an organic hemp and cotton version.


LuLaRoe is a fashion forward brand that sells Women's and Kid's clothing! Our clothing comes in a variety of different fabrics, prints, and styles!

Lustre Craft Cookware

Lustre Craft cookware provides a healthy and energy-efficient way to prepare nutritious meals that retain the greatest possible amount of vitamins and minerals.

Mann Lake Ltd

This exhibitor provides simple and affordable approaches to safe, natural and organic beekeeping. They are committed to doing their part in securing the future of the honey bee.

Massaging Insoles

Take a natural approach to foot, leg, and back pain relief with Massaging Insoles. These therapeutic massaging insoles are Pedorthic Footcare Association approved.

Max PR 35 All Natural Pain Relief

Max PR 35 is an all-natural pain relief spray that contains eucalyptus, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera and vitamin E. It works fast and lasts hours. Try it free at the exhibitor's booth.


Metalledwith jewelry and metalwork incorporates botanical elements into handcrafted metal. The ideas are original, wearable art made in and from the Appalachian Mountains.

Meyer Hatchery

Imagine fresh chicken and eggs from your backyard. Meyer Hatchery hatches and ships day-old chicks and other poultry year-round, along with everything you need to care for them.

MI Greenhouse

This exhibitor offers a one-piece fiberglass greenhouse in three sizes that are perfect for every level of gardener. They sell greenhouses with solar venting, misting systems, and 10-year warranties.

Millner-Haufen Tool Co

Millner-Haufen Tool Co. manufactures and distributes tools for many applications: multi-material drill bits, metal cutting and grinding equipment, and more. They are providing live demonstrations at their booth.

Misty Creek Goat Dairy

Discover the bliss of Misty Creek's award winning artisanal goat cheeses handcrafted by master cheese maker Amos Miller in bucolic Leola, Pennsylvania.A complete line of caved aged goat cheeses

Mockingbird Meadows

Visit the home farm of author Dawn Combs and try our tasty TEAshots™ herbal matchas, loose-leaf teas and more. Chemical-free and hand-crafted on the farm!

Mount Inspiration Apparel Co

Organic and recycled apparel for outdoor lovers, thrill seekers, and free spirits alike!

Moyer's Chicks

Since 1946 this family business has been hatching quality layer and broiler chicks; offering brown layers through dealer network. Mailing millions throughout the US

Mr. B's Salsa & Hot Pepper Products

"Unique salsa, pickles, pepper glazes and hot sauce. Committed to healthy food, respecting those around us and the environment. No Fillers, No Preservatives, No Artificial Additives, No Pesticides"

My Zen Tea

MY Zen Tea is home to organic Pu-erh tea from China and all of its healthy benefits, as well as white tea and oolong tea.

Natural Options Aromatherapy

Natural Options Aromatherapy offers essential oils, creams, bath salts, roll-ons, shower gels and mists, along with aromatherapy diffusers.

Naturally Curious Creations by Kimberly Newell

This exhibitor offers metal-free jewelry, soy candles and wax melts, as well as home décor.

Nature's Head

Nature's Head Self Contained Composting Toilet and accessories

NOMI Network

Nomi Network products are handmade by survivors and women at risk of human trafficking in India and Cambodia. The proceeds go back into training and capacity building programs.

Norm's Farms

Norm’s Farms features the American Elderberry in every product they make. Pick up free samples of elderberry supplements and treats, and boost your immune system!

Nutrition Master Foods

Nutrition Master Foods feed’s people convenient, and pure health conscious food. Nutrient dense and properly portioned Teddy’s Tubes feeds you by ounce not the pound.

Off Grid General Store

Military surplus camping off grid survival homesteading products

Old Fences Realty

This exhibitor sells farms and acreage in Central West Virginia. Go to to see their great listings. Their broker, Mike Greenlee has 30 years experience. 304-377-3758.

Pittsburgh Alternative Health

Pittsburgh Alternative Health, Inc. is a holistic health center where we teach health and observe restoration while providing health answers through personalized analysis combined with an individualized program.

Prestige Products Direct

Triad Aer. air purification system. Mini Aer portable air purification

Products for Nature

Offers a variety of products: Silica G5 liquid and gel, biodynamic preps, Sea-Crop, Hermytk oil, monatomic gold products, orgone vessels, vitics, pendulums, psymeters, magnets, and health books.

Real Time Pain Relief

Real Time Pain Relief brings America all-natural, pleasant-smelling, effective rub-on pain relief. Their ingredient-based therapy works in minutes.

Red Bud Farm

All worm castings are not the same. Red Bud Farm's worm castings are OMRI-listed. They make everything grow amazingly.

Renewal by Andersen

Renewal by Andersen Window Replacement began offering classifieds in 2002. Reduce, reuse, recycle! Buy locally from friends and neighbors! Stop by! Talk about buying, selling, and trading safely online!

River Hills Harvest

River Hills Harvest develops, produces and distributes elderberry products for both the retail and wholesale markets in order to provide easier market access for its increasing number of grower members.

Riverwood Treenware

Riverwood Trading Co. produces handmade wooden treenware, including spoons, ladles, coffee scoops, spatulas, spreaders, muddlers, and more. See their wood-carving demonstration at their booth.

Royal Lee Organics

Royal Lee Organics offers organic grains and cereals selected for use in their Lee Household Flour Mill, making it simple and fun for folks to mill their own fresh stone-ground flour.


Sharondale Mushroom Farm

Sharondale Mushroom Farm provides the highest-quality mushrooms, spawn, tools and materials for mushroom cultivation. They offer cultivation workshops for hobbyists and small farms.

Soap Alchemy

Natural handcrafted soaps, scrubs, polish, butters, candles, fizzies, and essentail oils

Southern Comfort Swings

Steam Bent Hanging Chairs

Sun Sugar Farms: CRESBI Crates

Collapsible CRESBI crate systems, eco-takeout reusable to go containers, reusable bunch bags produce bags, gourmet granola to go

Taproot Threads

Taproot Threads is a sustainable apparel company offering original nature, farm and garden designs for adults and children, printed on clothing from ethical manufacturers.

The Barn at Lemont

Hydroponic / Organic gardening, self sustaining products, natural healthy living products

The Dancing Herbalist LLC

The Dancing Herbalist is a topical herbal products company specializing in high-strength herbal extracts designed from modern and traditional approaches to herbal healing.

The Fertrell Company

Fertrell specializes in organic fertilizers, soil amendments and livestock vitamin/mineral supplements. They have agronomists and nutritionists to help with all your soil and animal needs.

The Green Life

The Green Life offers a line of handmade reusable products for the modern family, while striving to maintain a waste-free manufacturing process.

Tigerlily Boutique & Botanica / D Johnson Custom Drums

Tigerlily Boutique & Botanica offers a unique variety of one-of-a-kind, heirloom-quality handmade treasures: artisan jewelry, custom drums, and native-style flutes, leather craft, and ceremonial smudge items

Turmeric Store

Love the Chef deals in spices and plants that heal the body, turmeric products, powder, masks, and body applications. Beet Powder is their latest product to market.

Turpin Design / Build

Turpin Design/Build integrates the role of designer and contractor, from start to finish, through indoor/outdoor projects from conceptualization to fruition; creating an exceptional outcome.

Urban Kettle

Urban Kettle serves up warm, sticky sweetness sprinkled with sea salt. They use locally farmed popcorn, no nuts, and are dairy- and gluten-free.

Vermont Marble Granite Slate & Soapstone Corp

Soapstone cookware, Vermont bun baker wood cookstoves, hot stone grill

WBWC Personal Infrared Saunas

Whole Body Wellness Concepts helps people live longer, fuller and healthier lives from the inside out by improving blood flow, digestion, the immune system, and more.

Wise Women Botanicals

Wise Women Botanicals is a retailer and wholesaler of pure essential oils and essential oil blends (uncut), world-class goat milk skin-care products, organic lavender, chamomile, helichrysum, and other herbs.


Wood-Mizer is the world’s leading portable band sawmill manufacturer. They offer 12 portable models, along with industrial sawmills, blades, and equipment for blade maintenance and secondary processing.