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One of the most rewarding parts of building the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR is bringing together the nation’s leading authorities to educate folks on the virtues of self-reliance. Those skills are certainly relevant and self-empowering in times like these.

We invite you to explore our growing online learning environment where you will find video courses and pre-recorded webinars from some of our most popular workshop leaders at the FAIRs.

Get All-Access to the Fair Online!

In 2021, participants from all over the world can take part in our newly established online learning program. At it’s core, MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR ONLINE features 24 courses on a wide range of topics with dozens of new courses in the works! For this program, we’re using the Teachable platform. Each course features prerecorded video workshops hosted by the esteemed experts that make up the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR family, along with supporting materials and handouts. Each course averages 3.5 hours. 

The MOTHER EARTH NEWS ONLINE: All-Access subscription provides access to all of our current and upcoming online content! 

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Give your friend or loved one a one year All-Access subsription to MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR Online. They’ll have unlimited access to dozens of courses and workshops to enjoy and learn.

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If you have any questions regarding the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR ONLINE, please refer to our FAIR ONLINE FAQ page.

In addition to our online courses we are also hosting periodic webinars through zoom. These live, interactive events are very engaging and offer the opportunity to ask questions and get answers from some of the nation’s leading authorities on their topics! While these webinars are best attended live, if you missed one that you were interested in you can watch the recordings with our All-Access subscription. Stay up to date on upcoming webinars here.

Please join us as we bring the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR right to your home!

Current Courses

Building a Climate Cabin Course – In Partnership with Johnny Appleseed Organic

Climate Farming Series – In Partnership with Johnny Appleseed Organic

DIY Skills Course

Fermented Beverages Course

Food Independence Course

Food Preservation Course

Fresh Breads from Scratch Course – Sponsored by Grainmaker

Garden Planning Course

Intro to Soap-Making Course – Sponsored by Lehman’s

Introduction to Raising Pigs Course

Livestock Course – Sponsored by Manna Pro

Maple Syrup Production Course – Sponsored by Lehman’s

Modern Homesteading Course

Natural Health Course

Natural Health: Immune Boosting Course – Sponsored by Ridgecrest Herbals

Organic Gardening Course

Poultry 101 Course – Sponsored by Nutrena and Murray McMurray Hatchery

Poultry: Transitioning to a Market Flock Course – Sponsored by The Fertrell Company and Murray McMurray Hatchery

Practical Skills Course – Sponsored by Chelsea Green Publishing

Raising Chickens in the Family: A Kid’s Course – Sponsored by Manna Pro

Real Food Course – Sponsored by Lehman’s

Real Organic Project: Know Your Farmer Series

Reduce Food Waste Course

Seed Saving Course

Seed Stories – Sponsored by Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Summer Harvest Course – Sponsored by Lehman’s

Survival Skills Course

Sustainable Building Essentials Course – Sponsored by New Society

Understanding Soil Course

Wellness Through Food Course

Winter Gardening Course

Winter Warmth Course

Prerecorded Webinars

Anti-Inflammatory Cooking Tips with Shawna Coronado

Build Your Own Permaculture Property

Building with Mud: An Intro to Cob with Uncle Mud

Cheese and Yogurt with Gianaclis Caldwell – Sponsored by Roots and Harvest

Chicken Processing with Matt Wilkinson – Sponsored by Yardbird Pluckers

DIY Mead with Jereme Zimmerman

DIY Sourdough with John and Jessica Moody – Sponsored by Grainmaker

Dosa, Idli, and Other Sponstaneous Fermentations of Beans and Grains with Sandor Katz

Easy Icebox Pickles! with Sherri Brooks Vinton

Fermenting Vegetables with Kirsten Shockey

Growing Cover Crops with Parker Garlitz – Sponsored by True Leaf Market

Herbal Living Series – In Partnership with Mountain Rose Herbs

Intro to Cider Making with Christopher and Kirsten Shockey

Intro to Sausage Making with Meredith Leigh – Sponsored by LEM

Poultry Q&A Webinar – Sponsored by Nutrena and McMurray Hatchery

Preparing and Preserving Elderberry with John and Jessica Moody

Raising Chickens for Homegrown Meat and Eggs – Sponsored by Manna Pro

Sustainable Beekeeping with Frank Licata – Sponsored by Mann Lake

The Elderberry Webinar with John Moody

Meet some of our 2020 speakers

This is a unique opportunity to interact with some of the most sought after experts in the world of sustainability. Come ready with your questions and look forward to learning something new – directly from the source!

Explore Ways to save money and live efficiently

MOTHER EARTH NEWS has been helping folks live simpler, more meaningful lives since the magazine was launched – more than 50 years ago! No matter your personal interests you know you can count on the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR ONLINE to deliver quality courses and webinars for field-tested, country-honed guidance that will set you free – and put money in your pocket!



Our hands-on and extended workshops are one of our most popular attractions! For an additional fee, you can register to take part in these limited engagements aimed at fostering practical, money-saving skillsets. The best way to learn is by doing, and our nationally renowned experts will show you how. Topics run the gamut. Create your own sourdough starter, learn expert hand-spinning techniques, explore DIY fermentation with miso, and more!

Learn More Get your passeshands-on WORKSHOPS AT POLYFACE FARM will be
available may 15, 2020

Finally There’s a Better Way to Find Homesteading Products

The MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR ONLINE provides a rare opportunity: a vast array of books and products with exclusive discounts to participants that will help you live better. Through our online learning platform you will find the latest books authored by our instructors and the products they use in their lives as they “practice what they teach!”

WANT TO PROMOTE your business through the Mother Earth News Fair Online?

Reach new customers interested in a sustainable lifestyle — contact us today.

see what people are saying about the online fair:

“So excited to try this. Thank you for sharing this simple process. It was overwhelming in my mind before your virtual class.”

– Sandra Y.


“Even if you have chickens you learn something new. Also when I didn’t catch a part of the lecture I was able to replay it right away. Very clear instructions and includes everything you will experience raising chickens.”

– Margaret M.


“What a fantastic presentation! This was time well spent. Lots of usable info, presented in a clear and helpful manner, with plenty of visual aids and real-life examples. Thanks for a well-prepared and -presented talk!”

– Rita R.

texas fair book signing schedule



11:00-11:30 a.m.     Tradd Cotter, Victoria Redhed Miller

12:30-1:00 p.m.       Janice Cox, Hannah Crum, Deek Diedricksen, Frank Hyman, Lisa Ziegler

3:00-3:30 p.m.         Howard Garrett, Kirsten Shockey

4:30-5:00 p.m.         Kimberlee Bastien, Shawna Coronado, Callene & Eric Rapp, Ira Wallace, Jeffrey Yago, Jereme Zimmerman

6:00-6:30 p.m.         Gianaclis Caldwell, Howard Garrett, Joel Salatin


11:00-11:30 a.m.     Gary Collins, Joanne Olszewski, Dale Strickler

12:30-1:00 p.m.       Rob Avis, Darrell Frey, Marie Rayma, Jereme Zimmerman

3:00-3:30 p.m.         Nicole Telkes


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