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New England
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The World's Most Earth Friendly Grass

Now in it's 6th generation, award-winning Pearl's Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed is a US Patented blend of premium, all perennial seeds that are nonGMO and create a lush, dark green, all natural lawn that is People, Pet & Planet Friendly. No chemicals ever to stay green year round in the heat of summer and cold of winter. Grows in all regions and all climates!

Save time, money and water! Extremely drought tolerant Pearl's Premium uses 75% less water, is a much darker green for complimenting home and flower gardens, and is extremely low maintenance, needing mowing only once every 4-6 weeks, instead of every week.

It's easy to establish. You don't have to tear up your lawn! Here's why Pearl's Premium is different from ordinary grass. Much deeper - up to 48-inch roots, depending on conditions, allow Pearl's Premium to tap into more moisture and nutrients to resist drought, bugs, and disease. Our grass is more salt tolerant next to roads than other grasses, and grows equally well under trees where there is less light. Pearl's Premium also thrives in the desert, ocean landscapes, or in extreme hot and cold climates around the world. Dense 4-foot deep roots hold steep hills in place, stop erosion, sequester 4x the water, and make a perfect rain garden for water-sogged areas. Those deep roots also sequester 8x the carbon to help lessen climate change.

When to plant in your part of the country: The best time to plant in California or Down South is October through February. For northern states, the next time to plant is in April or May, or September through October. Or whenever soil temperatures are between 50 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Use Discount Code: "MotherEarth" at www.PearlsPremium.com

Or Call - 508-653-0800

All of us at Pearl's Premium are dedicated to finding solutions that will address climate change, extreme weather, health, and water issues around the world. We also donate grass seed to charities for children, animals, environmental education, and other worthy causes, including Habitat for Humanity for Wounded Warriors. Each time you buy a bag of Pearl's Premium, you're doing your part to help save the planet. We thank you, and Earth thanks you!

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