About the Mother Earth News Fair

The Mother Earth News Fair is your passport to money-saving hacks, health-boosting remedies, and environmental strategies from leading experts and entrepreneurs around the country. In addition to presentations and hands-on workshops, you’ll encounter a vast marketplace abounding with innovative resources and products to enrich your life.

We even host book signings featuring some of our favorite authors who are available to field questions and hear your stories one-on-one. It’s also an ideal destination to meet and network with like-minded enthusiasts from across an array of fields — from natural health and beauty to homesteading for profit and beyond. Admission for children is free, and there are plenty of youth-oriented activities – including live animals!

With our growing emphasis on interactive programming, you can learn new skillsets live and on-site. More than ever before, the Mother Earth News Fair is truly an immersive experience where the magazine comes to life.

In 2021, participants from all over the world can take part in our newly established online learning program. At it’s core, MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR ONLINE features 24 courses (and growing) on a wide range of topics with dozens of new courses in the works! For this program, we’re using the Teachable platform. Each course features prerecorded video workshops hosted by the esteemed experts that make up the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR family, along with supporting materials and handouts. Each course averages 3.5 hours. Learn more.

What Mother Earth News Fair

exhibitors and sponsors say …

“We had a wonderful time! Being a vendor was enriching for us personally and business wise! Your staff was very helpful with all our questions and concerns. They even cheerfully helped us unload when we arrived.”

“Our experience at the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR in Topeka, KS was outstanding! Customer attendance was great! We hardly had a time to catch a breather. The very informative seminars were attended in large numbers. We considered it a privilege to be invited as a business vendor and look forward to exhibiting at more Mother Earth News Fairs in the future!”

“The MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR is a profitable networking opportunity for anybody wanting to connect their products to a knowledgeable and lucrative crowd … and it’s fun.”

“This event is a huge draw and the educational sessions are terrific. We met people from all over the country that are looking for natural, organic and sustainable products and ideas to live the MOTHER EARTH lifestyle.The traffic was terrific – pretty much non-stop!”

“You are one of the few shows that has managed to do seminars and classes in the same room as vendors, and has kept the noise level civilized so as not to interfere with business being done. Kudos!”

“The MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR attracts an amazing cross section of makers and doers. They come to learn. It is a perfect place to exhibit if you have something worthwhile to teach.”

“A great show for exhibitors! A great avenue to reach retail customers.”

“There is no event like the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR! It brings a wide range of sustainability-minded people together from so many different backgrounds, that a truly unique community forms. We were able to connect about organic herbs, teas, and spices with goat farmers, green energy engineers, mycologists, wolf conservationists, beekeepers, wool spinners, authors, homesteaders, city-dwellers, and many other enthusiastic folks. Plus, the fantastic workshops offered throughout the weekend cover topics that inspire the audience to seek out experts and vendors at the Fair. We are already looking forward to the next event!” – Erin McIntosh, Mountain Rose Herbs

“As a sponsor, we were extremely impressed. The turnout was beyond our expectations and the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR team was very accommodating. The entire weekend went smoothly thanks to their organized & helpful staff. As a result, our company met hundreds of potential new customers. We look forward to exhibiting at the next Fair!” – Deltec Homes

“Colorado Yurt Company recently sponsored the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR in Lawrence, KS. What a wonderful weekend! The staff of MOTHER EARTH NEWS was helpful and organized. The fair was extremely well attended, and those present were interested in our product- asking intelligent and relevant questions. We met attendees from as far away as Manitoba who made the journey specifically to attend the fair. The fair was very exhibitor-friendly, with many extra touches that made us feel like our participation was appreciated. Great people, great event- even great weather!” – Ivy H. Fife, Colorado Yurt Company

“The MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR has the best sustainability focus of all the shows we do. We’ve exhibited at Seven Springs for three years and each year is better.” – Noel Valdes, CobraHead LLC

“I’ve been working events like this for many years. From a business point of view, it may be the single best event I’ve ever exhibited at. On a personal note, the crowd was the most friendly and pleasant group of people I’ve ever dealt with. See you next year. – Neil Dreibelbis, McGeary Organics”

“That was not just any fair. [The MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR] was a top-quality educational experience for attendees who were hungry for the real life how to’s of sustainable lifestyles and agriculture.” – Jeannette Beranger, American Livestock Breeds Conservancy

“MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIRs are the future. They are changing the way we do things, not just as individuals, but as communities and a country. They’re giving us the tools, knowledge and information to take better care of ourselves, our families and our environment. I think it’s going to be a healthier and more interesting way to live … As an exhibitor, I feel grateful and excited to be a part of it.” – Alyssa Truckenbrod

“We did better than we expected. We only brought enough stuff for two days and spent the third day apologizing for being out of stuff. This is a good problem to have.” – Scott Cramer, Northern Sun

“As a first-time exhibitor at the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR in Seven Springs, Pa., I was very impressed with the professionalism of the staff and the quality of the attendees. The event provided so many sales opportunities for my company that I immediately reworked our schedule in order to exhibit at all three 2013 MEN events. Thank you for the opportunity to participate; I look forward to seeing you next year.” – Philip Hahn, Owner/Founder Land Planners International, Ltd.

“Great venue, great crowds, great organization –we’ll be back as long as you’ll have us!” – Peter Borchard, Companion Plants

“The show participation and enthusiasm was beyond any of my expectations.” – Norman McCowan, President, Bell Aquaculture

“Always a positive experience! It’s the highlight of our year!” – Marlin and Karen, Woodward Crossings Country Basics

“The MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR just keeps getting better and better. After three years of exhibiting in the same area, you wonder if you will see new customers or familiar faces, and it is a wonderful combination of both –a fun reunion and an opportunity to meet new friends!” – Bonnie Jones, GrainMaker

“We never considered we were anything special, just a little smallstock homestead-type operation tryin’ to take care of our own basics. But the interest in what we were doing and why was absolutely phenomenal! It was like being at a giant family reunion where everyone had missed ya’ and couldn’t wait to catch up!” – Bill and Julie, ShadyGlade Farm

“This is a must-attend festival. There are so many interesting seminars and positive role models. This festival is the best!” – Diane Sheesley, Rainbow Mountain Alpacas

“MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR … an event where you find accommodating staff and thousands of earth-conscious, happy people. You could not find a kinder happening anywhere!” – Randy and Dale Cinski, Randita’s Vegan Grill

“This was our first year at the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR and we were pleased with the results. The traffic was strong and steady all three days. The participants were well-informed and more knowledgeable than other shows, which made interaction more fun. We sold out all of the Sun Ovens we brought early on Saturday morning and took orders for three times as many as we had expected to sell.” – Paul M. Munsen Sun Ovens International, Inc.

“The visitors to the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR are eager to be educated! They are open to learning new things that will improve their lives. What a great crowd!” – Kristine Thompson, Juice Plus+

“Bon Ami loved sponsoring the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR in Puyallup! We found that most of the Fairgoers were familiar with Bon Ami and likely had a can of the powder under their sinks. But very few knew about our new line of liquid cleaners. It was great to introduce them to a new generation of an old friend. And it was so much fun to have live baby chicks peeping around!” – Carolyn Beaham West, VP of Brand Development, Bon Ami

“I wanted to thank you both for all of the work you did on the fair. It was a great event and we generated a ton of buzz in the Seattle/Tacoma area on the new iMiEV. You guys were great and really looked out for Mitsubishi. I just wanted to let you know that I thought the event went really well.” – MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR sponsor

“The MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR was so much more than I could have imagined. I have never experienced any other event that brought together so many experts and technologies focused on respecting the earth, recycling and living sustainably.” – Jim Long, Long Creek Herbs

“Our experience, exposure and placement was just what we needed. I consider Mellissa [Crouch, Seven Springs exhibit sales manager] my personal coach in this whole endeavor, since this is the first time I ever did such an event. We will be looking forward to next year’s Fair.” – M.R. Wurzbacher, www.squirreltailoven.org

“The MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR was great. I cannot express how wonderful the hospitality and assistance was from the beginning to the end. We were greeted at the entrance and were given all the assistance that we could have asked for. For the first MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR, the attendance was quite amazing. The attendance at the workshops and lectures was also impressive – to be left at standing room only almost every time says quite a lot for what the people are truly looking for. We hope to have a presence at your future endeavors and look forward to speaking with you in regards to them.” – Debra Boyer, My Amish Goods

“The MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR was the most well-run, well-organized event I have ever attended. I especially appreciated the many friendly volunteers on hand to help – AND the low exhibitor cost! Thanks to everyone!” – Pam Mansell, Hot Pepper Wax

“The MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR was a beautifully located, well-organized and enriching experience for exhibitors as well as for attendees. For an inaugural event, we found our booth was attended by many loyal Stonyfield consumers and equally new consumers to our milk products. The MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR in Pennsylvania was well worth the trip!” – Monica Organ, Stonyfield Farm

“All in all, it was really a pleasure to work with Ogden Publications and Seven-Star Events. I am grateful and happy to have participated in the first MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR and look forward to many more.” – Sharon Greenspan, Wild Success

“We had very good response overall with seemingly qualified leads.”

“We were extremely pleased with our participation in the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR. What a boon for our company – we interacted with so many interesting – and qualified – attendees.”

“We were very happy with the amount of people we were able to reach during the fair. The overall cost compared to the number of contacts we made was an exceptional value. We WILL attend another MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR next year!”

“When my staff didn’t show up to help set up the booth, MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR offered the use of five volunteers! I kept them busy for four hours, and fed them pizza as thanks. That was VERY kind of MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR to share!”

“I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful the entire experience was; the smiles on the faces of the crowd, the positive interactions we had, the insightful questions and personal anecdotes shared with hundreds of people for three solid days left us with a smile that lasted the entire 14-hour ride back to New Hampshire. Thank you, MOTHER EARTH NEWS, for one of the most inspiring and productive events we’ve ever attended!”

“The staff was helpful and there on the spot to help. We met many people who were interested in raising sheep and goats. Lots of questions asked and hopefully answered.”

“While sales at the show were stellar, those generated as a result of the show were a terrifically pleasant surprise! In addition to driving business to my online shop, … this fair was superbly organized, well-promoted, extremely well-attended and the most exciting and rewarding way to spend 3 beautiful days in Pennsylvania!”

“The MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR is directly responsible for bringing me several new commercial accounts. This show is a wonderful way for small start-ups to gain a little time in the spotlight, and the daily Twitter feeds spurred traffic flow as well. The staff couldn’t have been more helpful! Thanks for the great event!”

“I heard that some people sell out of their product at this event, so I brought three times as much product as I thought I needed … nevertheless, I sold out halfway through the event.”

“Our sales exceeded expectations and we sold 10 hours straight on Saturday and nine on Sunday. Almost our entire product was gone and our web sales since by advertising through MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR have jumped from almost $1,000 per month to $3,500 per month. A great ROI and exposure for our web-based business.”

“MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR provided a perfect venue for me to showcase my business and ideas. Being a self-published author and presenting a very new concept to the public, I was grateful to have a large group of people whose values matched my own. I will be back again!”

“Good job by the MOTHER team. We re-connected with lots of friends and made many more.”

“The MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR is by far the best event I’ve done. The audience was receptive and eager to buy. The traffic flow was great and the management went above and beyond for us. I will be back for sure.”

“The MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR brings everything ‘sustainable’ under one roof (exhibitors, speakers and workshops), and the result clearly resonates with people. The enthusiasm is palpable.”

“MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIRs are great venues to market your products to a growing population that honors MOTHER EARTH NEWS’ philosophy and our future generations!”

“The whole experience was awesome! The FAIR was very organized and well put together, without any chaos that is to be expected while doing a fair. Most importantly, it was nice to be with a group of like-minded people who are in it for bettering their environment, not just their pocketbook. Overall, it was an exciting time and an exciting opportunity to be a part of!”

“We LOVE the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR! It was a great way to get out and meet like-minded people who had never heard of organization. We were so excited about the positive experience we had in Puyallup, WA that we are even considering putting the Pennsylvania event on our calendar for 2012. Thank you, MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR!!!!”

“We met so many excited, aspiring beekeepers at the Puyallup show – we loved it! Can’t wait for the next opportunity.”

“I have been a longtime follower of MOTHER EARTH NEWS and it was such a wonderful experience to have my homespun business be part of the fair. The atmosphere was warm and inviting, the staff encouraging and the crowds friendly. I would highly recommend this venue to those interested in growing their small business.”

“The show was a great place to network and reach out to a new customer base that is truly interested in natural, healthy products for themselves and their pets.”

“Very well planned and organized. I just wish I could have spent more time as an attendee and less time as a vendor.”

“A highly positive experience for attendees and exhibitors.”

“I met some great people and sales. I would do this again. Thanks!”

“The people who attended this fair were very interested in organics and sustainable living – a perfect fit for our company! We got a lot of positive responses and it showed in our profits.”

“Overall the atmosphere was very upbeat, and provided an audience that we were looking to reach.”

“The staff at MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR was extremely helpful and supported us in every way. We have enjoyed their expertise and energy. The true test shows through on all of the smiling faces of the fair goers.”

What Mother Earth News Fair attendees have to say …

“For a first-time event I think it was great! I looked forward to it like a child for months and I’m already looking forward to next year! Nicely organized.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. A wonderful weekend with our family. Please plan future events near campsites as you did this year. We are so grateful!”

“I must say I was amazed at the turnout for the FAIR. Your Mother Earth Staff did a great job in my opinion, and it all looked very well run.”

“We traveled from north of Seattle and spent my husband’s birthday at the Fair! We had such a great time. The volunteers were all so friendly and helpful. Most of the seminars were well worth our time. We hope the rumors were true and there will be a MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR in Seattle next year!”

“My attendance truly reinforced and renewed my philosophy of my chosen lifestyle. Thank you, MOTHER EARTH NEWS, for coordinating and presenting a phenomenal, resourceful and educational fair. Hats off to you and hope to see you in a year! It was exhilarating to be in my element.”

“Frances Moore Lappé was INCREDIBLE. We will be talking about her presentation for years.”

“Professional, well organized, couldn’t say enough positive adjectives to describe my sentiments.”

“Sure hoping you’ll be at Seven Springs again next year. Planning to spend the whole weekend. One day just wasn’t enough.”

“We really loved it (best and most useful fair we’ve ever attended). Can’t wait for next year.”

“I really had a great time! I am passionate about embarking on this journey of self-sustainability and giving back to the earth through sustainable farming, heritage husbandry and absolutely loved your fair. Thank you so much for making this possible!”

“What a great show. Do it again. Make it an annual event. I’ll be back and I’ll bring my friends.”

“From the people I talked to and overheard, there was a LOT of positive about this event! Mostly, they wanted more, more, more (like fill up the whole fairground … for a whole week)!”

“So much great programming! I wish there was more time to see it all! It just gives me something more to look forward to in the following FAIRs.”


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