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With more than 150 Workshops, there is no shortage informative demonstrations and lectures to educate and entertain you over the weekend.

Speaker Spotlight

Howard Garrett Dirt Doctor

How to Save 50 Percent on Irrigation and Have Greater Production with the Organic Program


Howard Garrett explains how a simple, natural organic program for gardening and landscaping on residential and commercial projects works better in every way … including from an economic standpoint. He shows how his management program can result in a 40 to 50 percent cost savings in water use, and he will also answer specific questions from the audience about pests, plants and procedures.

Speaker Bio

Howard Garrett is recognized as one of the leaders in the research, education, and promotion of natural organic products and practices. Garrett was born in Pittsburg, Texas, graduated from Pittsburg High School in 1965, received a bachelor’s degree from Texas Tech University in 1969 and served in the United States Marine Corps Reserves from 1970 to 1977. He has extensive experience in natural organic gardening, landscape contracting, greenhouse growing, golf course planning and maintenance, and organic product development. Garrett provides state-of-the-art advice on natural organic gardening, landscaping, pet health, composting, pest control, and how to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

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Jean-Martin Fortier Les Jardins de la Grelinette

Making a Living on 1.5 Acres


“Jean-Martin Fortier is the author of The Market Gardener: A Successful Grower’s Handbook for Small-Scale Organic Farming and in this workshop, he shares in detail the techniques, tools, and technology that make his market garden productive and profitable.
It is popularly supposed that the small-scale market garden can no longer be economically viable, because it cannot compete with the economies of scale of the larger growers. But is that so?
Les Jardins de la Grelinette is a micro-farm located in eastern Quebec, just north of the American border. Despite growing on 1.5 acres of land, owners Fortier and Maude-Hélène Desroches manage to feed more than 200 families through their thriving community-supported agriculture (CSA) program and seasonal market stands. For more than a decade the market garden has provided their only household income. Their operation generates close to $140,000 in sales with a profit margin of about 45%. The secret of their success resides in the low-tech, high-yield methods of production they have developed by continuously focusing on growing better rather than growing bigger, making their operation more lucrative and viable in the process.
In this workshop, Fortier provides an overview of all aspects of vegetable production at Les Jardins de la Grelinette, demonstrating how adopting intensive methods of production can lead to the optimization of a cropping system. He discusses how to set up a micro-farm by designing biologically intensive cropping systems, all with negligible capital outlay; how to farm without a tractor, minimizing fossil fuel inputs through the use of the best hand tools, appropriate machinery and minimum tillage practices; and how to grow mixed vegetables systematically with attention to weed and pest management best approach practices.”

Speaker Bio

Jean-Martin Fortier is a farmer, writer and educator specializing in organic and bio-intensive cropping practices. He is passionate about demonstrating how small farms can play an important role in rebuilding the food system by growing edibles sustainably for profit on a small community-based scale.
Fortier’s acclaimed book, The Market Gardener: A Successful Grower’s Handbook for Small-Scale Organic Farming tells the story of how he and his wife started farming on 1.5 acres, yet grossed more than $100,000 per acre, enough to financially sustain their family over a decade. The book has been popular with both urban and rural readers, having sold more than 40,000 copies since its release. It won the 2015 American Horticultural Society book award.

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Dan Chiras The Evergreen Institute

Achieving Complete Self-Sufficiency


Many people are working toward a life of total self-sufficiency, but the road can be difficult and confusing. There are so many options and there is so much bad information that it boggles the mind. Additionally, there are many aspects of self-sufficiency (such as self-health care, personal fitness and transportation) that people overlook. Dan Chiras, one of the nation’s leading experts on self-sufficiency, outlines the key steps you must take to completely meet your family’s needs for energy, water, food, health care, income and transportation to thrive during major economic or ecological catastrophe or simply to forge a totally sustainable lifestyle.

Speaker Bio

Dan Chiras is director of The Evergreen Institute in east central Missouri, where he teaches workshops on a wide range of topics on self-sufficiency and sustainability. Chiras is also author of 32 books and several hundred articles on a wide range of topics, including residential energy efficiency and renewable energy, sustainable communities, green building and natural building. His talks are fun, inspirational and full of useful information.

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Claudia Lucero Urban Cheesecraft

Dairy-Free Cheese: Easy, delicious, and custom-made for your diet


Do you choose not to eat dairy but miss cheese? Or do you know someone who does not digest it well? Claudia Lucero, author of One-Hour Cheeseand
creator of Urban Cheesecraft kits, has developed deliciously dairy-free cheese — made with nuts, seeds, veggies and even beans!

Speaker Bio

Claudia Lucero enjoys getting new cheesemakers started with Urban Cheesecraft and her D.I.Y. Cheese Kits. She has partnered with Williams-Sonoma on custom cheesemaking kits and recently wrote the book One-Hour Cheese, which shows beginners how to make 16 fresh cheeses via step-by-step photos. The book is found where books are sold and the kits can be found on www.UrbanCheesecraft.com.

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Champlain Valley Exposition
105 Pearl Street
Essex Junction, Vermont 05452

From points Montpelier/Barre and points south: Take I-89 N to US-2 W in Richmond. Take exit 11 from I-89 N. Follow VT-117 W to Pearl St. in Essex.

From St. Albans and points north: Take I-89 S to US-2 E in Colchester. Take exit 17 from I-89 S. Continue on US-2 E. Take VT-2A S to VT-15 E/Pearl St. in Essex.

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