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Topeka, Kan.


With more than 150 workshops, there is no shortage of informative demonstrations and lectures to educate and entertain you over the weekend.

Speaker Spotlight

Cody aka Wranglerstar Wranglerstar

Are Old Hand Tools Still Relevant for the Modern Homestead?


Power tools are a wonderful convenience, but they are expensive and disposable. Old hand tools can last for generations, can often be found for a fraction of the cost, and are as relevant and useful today as they were 100 years ago. Sadly, these old tools are no longer manufactured. Learn what to look for when purchasing old tools and how to care for and restore them.

Speaker Bio

Cody and his family decided to turn their backs on a comfortable city life and become modern day homesteaders. Their adventure takes place in the rugged mountains of the Pacific Northwest, where they document their lifestyle on their YouTube channel Wranglerstar. With more than 300,000 loyal subscribers and 90 million video views, they are leaders in the modern homesteading movement.

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Dan Chiras The Evergreen Institute

Achieving Complete Self-Sufficiency


Many people are working toward a life of total self-sufficiency, but the road can be difficult and confusing. There are so many options and there is so much bad information that it boggles the mind. Additionally, there are many aspects of self-sufficiency (such as self-health care, personal fitness and transportation) that people overlook. Dan Chiras, one of the nation’s leading experts on self-sufficiency, outlines the key steps you must take to completely meet your family’s needs for energy, water, food, health care, income and transportation to thrive during major economic or ecological catastrophe or simply to forge a totally sustainable lifestyle.

Speaker Bio

Dan Chiras is director of The Evergreen Institute in east central Missouri, where he teaches workshops on a wide range of topics on self-sufficiency and sustainability. Chiras is also author of 32 books and several hundred articles on a wide range of topics, including residential energy efficiency and renewable energy, sustainable communities, green building and natural building. His talks are fun, inspirational and full of useful information.

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Small Farm, Real Income


Yes, you can generate real income with a small holding or even a lot in the city. Don’t let big agriculture get you down, there are plenty of production models that suit your small and/or unconventional practices that will serve your greater community and put some cash in your pocket. Whether you are interested in producing $50,000 worth of premium vegetables on an acre, or marketing beautiful heirloom ear corn for decoration, with a bit of creative thinking and plenty of hard work, you can build a satisfying business growing products that your friends and neighbors want to purchase from you! All you need is a bit of knowledge, a growing and marketing plan, and plenty of energy to see the project through. You can do it!

Speaker Bio

As a farmer, scientist, author and editorial director, Hank Will is known for seeking creative solutions to problems as varied as moving genes between species to working the land without huge investment. He’s published hundreds of articles and seven books on a range of topics, including low-tech homesteading solutions and antique farm machinery.

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Joel Salatin Polyface Farm

Salad Bar Beef


Herbivores not only built the world’s deepest and best soil, they provided the foundation for nutrition in most areas. Building soil and eating well are symbiotic activities, but many today view the herbivore as an enemy … a direct result of misusing animals. In this workshop, Joel Salatin introduces the concepts and high-tech infrastructure that allows modern farmers to duplicate the symbiotic choreography of ancient herds. This system also increases yields and offers the most tasty, nutritious food.

Speaker Bio

Joel Salatin’s family owns and operates Polyface Farm in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, producing salad bar beef, pastured poultry, pigaerator pork and forage-based rabbits. The farm services 6,000 families and 50 restaurants. Featured prominently in countless media, documentaries and books, the farm offers many educational opportunities for people wanting to learn these pasture-based systems. He has written 10 books about food and farming, both how-to guides and broad cultural works.

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Howard Garrett Dirt Doctor

Natural Organic Pest Control


The most effective pest control just happens to be organic. Howard will discuss how to protect and work with beneficial insects as well as what natural- organic pest control products to use in certain situations.

Speaker Bio

Howard Garrett is recognized as one of the leaders in the research, education and promotion of natural organic products and practices. Garrett was born in Pittsburg, Texas, graduated from Pittsburg High School in 1965, received a bachelor’s degree from Texas Tech University in 1969 and served in the United States Marine Corps Reserves from 1970 to 1977. He has extensive experience in natural organic gardening, landscape contracting, greenhouse growing, golf course planning and maintenance, and organic product development. Garrett provides state-of-the-art advice on natural organic gardening, landscaping, pet health, composting, pest control and how to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

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Sit in on dozens of practical workshops from the leading authorities on Modern Homesteading, Animal Husbandry, Organic Gardening, Green Building, Natural Health, Renewable Energy, Real Food and more!

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Get great deals from dozens of regional and national vendors that feature sustainable lifestyle products and services, including: books, tools, seeds, tractors, organic foods, clothes, solar gadgets and more.

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Off-Stage Demonstrations

Many of our exhibitors have their own demonstrations and short workshops at their booths. With topics ranging from hands-on seed saving to building mud houses to heritage breed livestock, there is a lot to see!

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From Kansas City:
Travel I-70 West, exit at East Topeka, continue to exit 363 (Adams St). Turn left at stop sign, take a right onto 21st St follow to Topeka Blvd. Turn right onto Topeka Blvd then you should see Expocentre on the left hand side of the street.

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Capitol Plaza Hotel
Reservations can be made online on Capitol Plaza Hotel’s website.

Keene Road Country Estate & Conference Center
Keene-Eskridge Rd and Dry Creek Rd., Maple Hill, Kansas 66507

Deer Creek Valley RV Park
3140 SE 21st St., Topeka, Kansas, 66607

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